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Violet Summers – Style goals. Girl with Innocent Smile

Violet Summers was born on November 28, 1999 in Phoenix, Arizona, though she grew up in Texas. The West Coast native has not shared much about her upbringing and her past. Growing up, however, Violet was an active cheerleader and dancer and spent a lot of time outdoors.   Violet Summers is an American model and actress […]

Barbara Palvin Style is an inspiration

The 23-year-old Hungarian model’s career kicked off over a decade ago, when she was first discovered on the streets of Budapest. She made her official runway début for Prada at Milan Fashion Week in 2010, and she’s been working steadily for major fashion houses including Chanel, Louis Vuitton, and Miu Miu ever since.  “I try […]

Emily Ratajkowski- Sweet, Sexy and Naughty. Style inspiration for 2021

Emily Ratajkowski has proven she’s far more than a pin-up. Still, no one does sexy dressing quite like the model, actress, designer, and activist. From glam cut-out dresses on the red carpet to her model off-duty street style, Ratajkowski has mastered the art of bombshell style for every occasion.  Whether she’s in a red jumpsuit […]

Joey King – Young Actress sexy dresses

Some of you may know Joey King as Ramona from ‘Ramona & Beezus’, some of you may know her as Emma Stone’s little sister in ‘Crazy, Stupid, Love’, some of you may know her as Elle Evans from Netflix’s ‘The Kissing Booth’. King was born in Los Angeles on 30th July 1999, making her 20-years-old. […]

Selena – Sweet and Sexy

Selena Gomez is young, she’s hot and she is incredibly famous all over the world. Perfect in every way! Some of her styles from internet.

Babydoll: The most popular lingerie

The babydoll remains a must-have garment for anyone that loves their lingerie. Suitable for everything from seduction to sleeping, babydoll’s are the perfect addition to your lingerie collection, offering something that is comfortable yet still sexy. It is also suitable for virtually any body and with so many gorgeous garments available, it is easy to find […]

go braless

Is braless about liberation?

With our social diaries cleared and our offices relocated to our living rooms, the choice to go braless is once again about liberation. In isolation, we haven’t needed to dress for anyone but ourselves. Which begs another question: were we only wearing bras for the benefit of adhering to an outdated social norm? The rationale […]

40 Dresser for romantic gateway or honeymoon

Whether you’re into long walks in the wilderness or bar-hopping in the city, one person’s idea of a blissful escape can be another’s worst nightmare. So when packing for a weekend away with a significant other, naturally, your clothing choices will vary according to your chosen location and personal style. This article is about making […]

Rules of Cleavage

If you’re confused about when to flaunt them and when to cover up read below. Just one missed blouse button and your “girls” can suddenly go from classy to trashy. Whether you meant to show off the goods on purpose or you’re just too busty to help it, learn how and when to give your […]

Side Boob is the Hot New Cleavage

Cleavage is middle boob line and side boob is the outer boob curve. What society considers to be sexy is ephemeral. In fact, ‘sexy’ seems to change almost every decade. From outdated miniature waists and bulging cleavages in corsets to the current trends of thigh gaps and the trout pout, sexy is an ever-evolving aspect […]

Lovemaking in the cinema

Does making love in an unusual place tempt you? Why not try the cinema? Velvet seats, enveloping darkness and the adrenaline that comes from the fear of being discovered: nothing better than letting go of the passion to get to seventh heaven! Chose a right movie: As we mentioned in the previous paragraph, even the choice of the […]

Order of Yoni, first vagina beer

Imagine the essence of a woman in one bottle of beer. Beer with a flavour of champagne! This beer is made with vaginal bacteria of Czech models. Thought it was released recently, the work … The recipe of the Polish-made ‘vaginal’ beer You’re probably wondering what in the world is a vaginal beer. Well, you’re […]

Must-Have Beach Wear – Sarong

Sarong is one the “must have” piece of clothing for all fashion conscious girls. It becomes a necessity if you are planning for a beach holiday. Nothing can beat the charm of wearing your favorite swimwear accessorized with a beach sarong. As you head towards the shore point, carrying a juicy novel in any of […]

Halloween Costumes are ‘Sexy’

Halloween has become almost as much fun for adults as it is for kids, with night clubs, pubs and people throwing themed parties where guests try to outdo each other with scary and even satirical costumes. Halloween costumes for women are all now ‘sexy’. You can buy ‘sexy witch’, ‘sexy mummy’, ‘sexy Minnie Mouse’, even […]

Cos play – It’s an Art

Cos-play or costume play is not dressing up for Halloween. Cosplay means looking like a character from a comic book, movie, or novel, and taking on the persona of that character. This means copying the exact dress and attitude of the character. Cosplay is simply “a way to celebrate your fandom.” So it’s not necessarily […]

Hottest Trend to look hot: Denim Skirts

Denim one piece of clothing that remained in trend for years. Denim is always sexy and in demand.Denim is for everyone, all looks smart and hot it doesnt matter if you are skinny or curvy ,tall or petite, there is a denim dress to wrap your body. When we think of denim, denim jeans or […]

Denims Shorts and Skirts are sexy

Women seem to think that a bikini or negligee or that *little red dress* is the “real” sexy. Or maybe you think it’s leather or spandex or tattoos… Or even a cocktail gown – or whatever they wear at the Oscars these days. But trust me, if you want to be the sexiest and most […]

Be the girl with Style.

Have you ever seen a girl and for a few minutes you can’t stop looking at her? It’s like you are memorized and have to take in everything about her. What she is wearing, her hair, her makeup, and even her mannerisms. And then you notice that all the guys can’t stop looking at her […]

Dress Ideas to be sexy

Dress to play up what you love most. Showcase tanned and toned legs or give your legs an elongated look, from short shorts and sleek skirts to sky high heels. We’ve found these flattering looks so you can dare to bare.

Long Skirts are Hot

Long skirts are like a secret waiting to be unraveled. Among the things that men love: the sensual rustle of fabric against leg, the romance and sophistication of a lengthened silhouette, the mystery of what’s beneath. The more modern versions are all about danger. Most of the new designs are slit, up the sides, back […]

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