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BlackWidow Iron Maiden Rachel Weisz is sizzling hot-Watch Black Widow 2020

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Marvel Comics’ Iron Maiden role in Black Widow will be played by ultra hot Rachel Weisz .Rachel Weisz voted top marriage material.

Ultra hot Rachel Weisz has been voted the most desirable woman who men want to marry.

Who Is Iron Maiden ?

Iron Maiden, real name Melina Vostokoff is a former Soviet agent who operates under the moniker of Iron Maiden in the comics, and she harbors a longstanding grudge against Natasha Romanov. They knew each other when they both worked in service of the Soviet government, but both masters of espionage went on to become independent operatives. They crossed paths again when Iron Maiden was sent as a member of a group of assassins to eliminate the Black Widow in Marvel Fanfare